Our Award-Winning Editor.

Huge congrats to our incredibly talented, unbelievably hardworking and quite lovely editor Maya Hawke, whose most recent released feature, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, just won the New York Critics Circle best non-fiction film of 2011.

Congrats Maya!  We’re so lucky to have you!

San Francisco Film Society/Herbert Family Documentary Award

We love the San Francisco Film Society.  During Good Pitch in San Francisco, the Director of Filmmaker Services granted us $5,000 on the spot, and here is the press release about the grant.  It’s the San Francisco Film Society/Herbert Family Documentary Award, created…

“…to support the career of an emerging filmmaker who pitched a project at the recently concluded 2011 San Francisco Good Pitch event. The award is part of the Film Society’s suite of filmmaker services designed to foster creativity and further the careers of independent filmmakers. First-time directors Mary Posatko and Emily Topper were selected for their social justice documentary American Village and will receive $5,000 to support their next phase of production.

Michele Turnure-Salleo tapped Posatko and Topper for the award at the Good Pitch on September 27 noting the Film Society’s specific interest in supporting emerging filmmakers and the winners’ courageous approach to their project…”

The $5K is currently paying our editor and moving us forward.  We are so grateful for this honor and real shot in the arm.